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    ... Welcome all to jdwOnline.org (Just Dream Willingly). My name is J. Daniel Walker, music producer, song-writer, graphic designer, and photographer. I also enjoy writing poetry and ideas in philosophy.
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What's In the Projects
     WALKER IN THE SKY is my current design theme and the musical concept follows. 
Currently I have clips here: soundcloud.com/WalkerInTheSky 
Plans are in the works for releasing an EP by mid summer, however I provided some short tracks and ideas for musicians to collaborate within this project. 
     NEYEN is a piano improvisational piece that was from head-to-fingers in one hours sitting. There are a few ideas I used as concepts but for the most part all of it is sporadic on purpose.  Plans for this project is to create individual songs to each random piece that is played. The name "NEYEN" came to me in a dream and so I dubbed this project the title. After research I found it stands for "Breath" in Chilean. The idea came to me in a spiritual search for answers and not knowing where to look - I closed my eyes and looked inward. Hence the N EYE N. There is great vision and meaning behind this title and I look forward to continuing my work on this project. 
      DISCO MOJO (AKA Snort Monkey '08) is my very first written, self-produced, and engineered (unofficially released) album. I cannot remember exactly how it started, but I know I wanted to complete a theme-based album. 
      I modeled the sound after my favorite band at the time QOTSA, using the driving beats of Dave Grohl one of my favorite drummers, and my interpretation of the sounds of Josh Homme. 
      Looking back, I think at the time, this was a great moment of pride for me-and something to prove to myself. I wanted to prove I could create something beautiful without a great big studio to make something I could appreciate. I think I did pretty well considering the production equipment started and completed with Fruity Loops, Cool Edit Pro, on a used Dell Optiplex PC. 
      There are plenty of links and music to be found here that will take you all over my journey of music. I hope you enjoy! 
      Thank you for stopping by 
                J. Daniel Walker
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Neyen | In Eye In (Breathe)

Walker in the Sky

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